Welcome to our site! Tack Room Trading is a platform designed for users to list their equestrian items, horses or ponies, vehicles, jobs, property and businesses all in one place.

We want to create a shift in the online equestrian community by bringing all aspects of the equestrian lifestyle together.

Business partners Jodie Jago and Colin Macgregor bring together a concentrated marketplace for riders, owners and equestrian businesses to access and to trade with each other.

Around the world items get thrown away when they are still in good, working condition and could be useful for someone else, particularly in the equestrian world.

Owners often end up with a lot of equipment or gear that they no longer use which is a huge waste. At a time when sustainability is more important than ever, we can all do our bit to help the planet by using second hand items.

Jodie started Tack Room Trading in the first lock down. It was something she had thought about for a while having searched a lot online over the last few years for horses and equipment. She was always frustrated at the websites that were available or scrolling for hours through social media and wished that there was something like Tack Room Trading when she was looking.

Whilst Jodie launched Tack Room Trading, Colin joined as an investor as he could see the great potential of a platform and with it being equestrian related, it just added more green ticks for Colin.

By building this platform and creating a community it creates a pool of dedicated horse enthusiasts who you are selling or advertising too. This vastly improves your chances of selling your items and as a buyer you are able to easily find what you are looking for locally and can set up email reminders when an item comes on to the site that you require.

Tack Room Trading is one of the leading selling and advertising sites that allows you to communicate with the seller via instant messenger. This makes the buying and selling process super easy and can get any additional information you require.

Need any more information get in touch and happy selling!

Yours Faithfully,

Jodie and Colin