Going Eventing – What equipment do you need?

Thinking of competing in a one-day event this season? It may seem like a mammoth task making sure you have packed all the equipment you might need across all three phases. Here we have put together a general list of equipment you may need…

Horse Equipment

First and foremost your horse will need to travel safely so will need travel boots or bandages, a leather head collar and possibly a travel rug depending on the temperature. A good sized haynet/s is a must for keeping them occupied whilst travelling as well as in between phases at the event.

A well-stocked grooming kit is essential for the perfect turnout at the event. This should include; brushes, hoof pick and oil, mane comb and plaiting bands, and scissors. Having a First Aid Kit to hand for both horse and rider is a good idea too just in case.

If your horse has stud holes you’ll need to take your Stud kit for the jumping phases to make sure you don’t have a slip on the course.

A waterproof Exercise sheet and cooler rug are also handy to have to keep your horse comfortable between the different phases depending on the weather.

Many people now use Cool boots or leg wraps to help cool the legs and aid recovery after the jumping and cross-country phases.

You will also need to take plenty of water and buckets for drinking and washing off especially if the weather is hot. Don’t forget sponges and a sweat scraper.


Some people make very little changes to tack between the different phases whereas others opt for specialist equipment for the dressage and jumping phases. It all really depends on your horse and the need for it as you go up the levels for a better performance.

For the dressage phase you will need a suitable saddle and girth, dressage pad, and bridle with a bit that is allowed under the rules of the event. You may want to pack a schooling whip too for the warm up.

For the jumping and cross-country phases you’ll need a suitable jumping saddle, saddle pad and girth, and a bridle with bit and martingale or breastplates. Having a spare pair of stirrup leathers and reins is something to consider.

Rider Equipment

In terms of kit for the rider, you’ll need a suitable pair of competition breeches and possibly a spare pair depending on the weather.

A stock shirt with stock and pin as well as a smart dressage and/ jumping jacket and a riding hat suitable for the dressage and show jumping phases. Also a good pair of gloves is a must for all phases.

For the cross-country phase you’ll need a top with long sleeves in your cross-country colours, a body protector that conforms to current standards and a riding hat without a fixed peak. You may also need to pack spurs and number bib.