Immaculate Treeless Leather GP Saddle.19” big saddle for a big horse 


Immaculate Treeless Leather GP Saddle.19” big saddle for a big horse
In theory this saddle should fit any horse
Soft comfort black leather 

Many horses whose backs are hard to fit in a traditional treed saddle, due to width or bone structure, enjoy the conforming qualities of a treeless saddle. The lack of a rigid tree and specifically the lack of weight-bearing tree points found on the front of a treed saddle, can reduce painful pressure points on a horse’s back. Without tree points putting pressure on the horse’s shoulders as they move, many horse owners find that their horses’ strides are longer and freer, allowing better quality of movement in performance horses. A treeless saddle may flex and move with a horse’s motion. Riders benefit from lighter-weight saddles that allow them to sit closer to the horse’s back.

Fully tensile tested marine grade stainless steel ebars

3 x D ring for saddle bags at rear

Engineered flexi pommel


Full leather underside and panels.

Moulds to your horse’s shape allowing free movement of the shoulder on wider breeds.Pre-moulded PU foam seat giving the rider ultimate comfort.

Self adjusts to your horses ever changing shape, no reflocking or refitting.

Very clean and tidy condition



Details & Specifications

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