worm count and weigh bridge services


Nutrifec offers affordable worm counts on a mobile or postal basis.

Our mobile service covers the midlands, north west and north wales. We bring our lab to you and conduct tests on site with results there and then. We are a registered animal medicine advisor (qualified SQP, AMTRA) for equines therefore can advise and prescribe appropriate worm treatment should your horse need it.FEC prices are £5 per horse, please note travel charges apply.

We also stock tapeworm test kits. These are £18.95 including prepaid return envelope to austin davis laboratories.

Postal kits can be ordered from our website: https://nutrifec.co.uk/shop.html


We also offer a mobile weigh bridge service on our portable wireless astroturf topped weigh bridge. The benefits of weighing on a scales include accurate medication and worming (important to slow resistance to wormers), trailer and lorry payload, correct dietary rations and monitor weight loss/gain. Did you know weigh tapes often underestimate the horses bodyweight? We see time and time again the weigh tape measuring horses and ponies over 100kg lighter than their actual body weight!


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