Top Tips for Buying or Selling a Horse

Thinking about buying or selling a horse? Here are some top tips to help make sure everything goes well and you make the best decision for the horse.


Buying a horse is a big commitment and it can be difficult finding the right one. Think about your needs and ability and start your search.

Viewing the horse and seeing the horse being ridden is a must. If you can, ask an experienced professional that you trust to go with you and where possible get them to ride the horse too. They can then feel what you will feel and assess the horse’s suitability.

With today’s technology in the palm of your hand, consider recording a video of the horse being ridden, both by you and the vendor. The camera never lies and you can look back through the video to help aid your decision.

A horse’s temperament will never change. It must be willing to learn and have a good attitude towards ridden work.

Ask lots of questions – find out about the horse’s age and experience. Ask questions about the horse’s daily routines (turnout, live in or out) as this can impact on how settled a horse is and will you be able to meet these requirements? Also ask to see the horse’s documentation.

Beware of the ‘Project horse’. Find out why the horse isn’t fully educated – there may be a genuine reason or it may be that the horse has been unable to fill its potential or isn’t trainable. Either way ask lots of questions and have your eyes wide open and be on high alert.

Play to your strengths as a rider – It’s very easy to think that you can learn to ride the horse. Always go with what suits your own natural abilities. Not everyone can ride every horse and feel safe and if you only have one horse, it’s important that it ticks as many boxes as possible.

Don’t part with any money until you are completely satisfied. You can request and organise the horse to be vetted if you wish. If something doesn’t feel right or the seller doesn’t seem to be honest walk away.


Coming to the decision to sell your horse is difficult and whatever the reason for selling it is essential to make your horse’s welfare is a priority. So it is important to vet your buyer before you agree to sell.

Using a platform such as Tack Room Trading can help advertise your horse to potential buyers in a one-stop market place. Think carefully about the information you need to include in the advert. Try to include as many images as possible so buyers can see the horse’s potential.

Be honest and upfront about why you are selling your horse as well as their capabilities and potential. Another important factor for many is the age of your horse and having all your horse’s documentation to hand to prove this is a must.

It is not advisable to sell your horse unseen from a welfare perspective. Ask questions of the buyer and what they are intending to do with the horse. This is a good way to vet them. Also if you don’t like the way things are going don’t be afraid to say and end the meeting.

Be ready to ride and tack up in front of your buyers so they can see he is good to handle. Also potential buyers may want the horse vetting before they commit to buy which will need to be discussed and organised mutually.

Most importantly only sell if you are happy that your horse will have the home he deserves.

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