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Epiony Heat Pad

The Epiony Heat Pad has bee...
  • £139.95

Bee Happy Bit Balm

Bee Happy Bit Balm Helps pr...
  • £3.50£10.00

Magnetic Stable Boots

What can Magnetic Stable Bo...
  • £46.95£51.95

Magnetic Hock Boots

What can Magnetic Hock Boot...
  • £51.95

Lemongrass Fly Repellent Bag

A tin of all natural Lemong...
  • £14.00

Lemongrass Fly Repellent Tin

One tin of Lemongrass EqWax...
  • £12.00

Neem Wonder Wax Bag

A tin of “Wonder Wax” Neem ...
  • £14.00

Neem Wonder Wax

“Wonder Wax” Neem Equine Fl...
  • £3.50£12.00

Lavender Sunblock

Lavender Sun Block combines...
  • £13.95

Scratch N All Pads

The Scratch n All is based ...
  • £16.75£32.00