Winter Rugging

As the weather starts to deteriorate, the nights draw in and the temperatures drop its time to check your winter rugs and make sure you have what you need to keep your horse cosy and warm this winter.

What Rug for When?

Every horse is different and will feel the cold differently. Whether they are clipped or spend a lot of time in the stable will mean they are more likely to be at risk of catching a chill. Horses that live out are more likely to overheat if you rug them too well.

Always consider your stable management routine, your horse’s condition, feeding regime and level of work before rugging them. You will also need to consider the weather too; if it is wet and windy as well as cold it can make a real difference to how your horse feels.

Light Weight

A light weight rug is usually made with 100g fill, and can be ideal through the autumn months and into the winter months for the unclipped horse when temperatures are lower 10 degrees Celsius. A clipped horse which is turned out may also be warm enough in a light weight turnout rug but you may opt to use a neck cover too.

Medium Weight

These rugs range from 150g – 250g fill and are suitable for the unclipped horse when the temperatures are colder than zero degrees. For the clipped horse that is stabled they may be ideal for warmer temperatures under 10 degrees before moving onto a heavy weight rug as it gets colder.

Heavy Weight

Traditionally these rugs come with filling that ranges from 300g – 500g. For the clipped horse you may need to start putting on a heavy weight rug when the temperatures are under five degrees or colder.

For the unclipped horse you may only need a heavy weight rug when temperatures drop below freezing.

Liners and neck covers can also be utilised if you need extra warmth. These are versatile and can help provide and extra option if you need to use another turnout rug because one is wet and hasn’t has time to dry out properly.

Remember when rugging your horse each horse is different and different weather conditions may mean you opt for a different weight rug for turnout in comparison to a stable rug. You will know your horse best to make the right rugging choice and keep them warm and cosy this winter. It is better for them to be on the cooler side than to be overheating.