Winter Time Saving Hacks

Winter for horse owners can be somewhat of a challenge and let’s face it we endure winter for the pleasure of owning a horse during the summer!

There are never enough hours in the day but during winter this is especially true as the dark nights pull in and juggling a full-time job with caring for your horse can mean that you rarely get to see them during daylight hours.

Sticking to a routine is vital when your horse needs to be mucked out, fed, watered and turned out to enable you to get to work on time and looking presentable!

Making the most of the time on your days off and being super organised can save you valuable time when you are in a rush.

Here are a few time saving hacks that could make a real difference to your time management in winter.

  • Buy more haynets and fill a weeks’ worth in one go.
  • Mix feeds a few days in advance and use bucket covers to keep out any unwanted rodents.
  • Deep litter the bed and just skip out the droppings and any wet patches twice a day when time is tight.
  • Don’t be a slave to grooming, if you have to choose between going for a ride and a full groom, just remove the mud and dust from where the tack fits and head out for a ride.
  • Look for early signs of conditions such as mud fever – better to act sooner rather than later when it could be more time consuming to treat.
  • Always put mucking out tools and equipment back where they belong. There is nothing worse than having to remember where you put the shavings fork when you are about to muck out.
  • Invest in your own equipment if you keep your horse on a shared yard. Having to wait to use the wheelbarrow before you can start mucking out can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Buy your forage and bedding in bulk so you have everything you need to care for your horse. This might require some advanced planning during the summer months.
  • Make sure that you are prepared for when the temperature drops by stocking up on salt. Safety is paramount and when it becomes icy it is important to salt all pathways to the muck heap and the fields.

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